Katadyn BeFree 3.0Liter

CHF 64.90


The largest version of the BeFree series holds a volume of 3.0L and weighs just 100 grams. Thanks to its large volume, the BeFree can easily accommodate larger groups and is perfect for minibase camps or family outings. The integrated bow handle on the bottle opening simplifies filling and the handy handle makes it easy to carry the BeFree with you or hang it on the nearby tree even when full.

  • Effective against microorganisms
  • For single use
  • Suitable for slightly turbid water
  • Use only in clear water
  • For frequent use
  • For very frequent applications
  • Ideal for travelling by motor home or car
  • Light and mobile, ideal for the backpack
  • Mobile use
  • Stationary use
  • Ideal for travel by boat


Dimensions (cm)2 x 1
Performance (L)2 L/min
TechnologieHollow fiber filter 0,1 Mikron
Weight (g)100


Data Sheet

Filter Change ?

The 1’000 liter filter capacity is a guide value. It depends very much on the water quality.
With increasing duration the flow will decrease. As long as this is still sufficient and the hollow fibres are not damaged, the filter can be used.

With the following test you can determine whether the filter is still ok:

  • 1. Get the filter wet
  • 2. Blow in
  • 3. See if the bottle fills with air
  • a) Fills > = defective
  • b) Does not fill > = OK


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