Family Offer Plus

One monthly package “Emergency food plus” (with canned bread) for 4 persons at family price.

CHF 1'039.00


The “Family Offer Plus”: 191’612 kcal of balanced ingredients. This corresponds to just under 1,600 kcal per day for the safe nutrition of four people for 30 days.


    • Whole Milk Powder, 4 tins (900g, totals 28.8) liters
    • Red Lenses, 4 tins (1400g each)
    • Black beans precooked, 4 tins (800g each)
    • Risotto Rice, 4 tins (of 1600g)
    • Vegetable mixture, 4 tins (of 400g)
    • Fine crystal sugar, 4 tins (1800g each)
    • Mashed potatoes, ready-to-use, 4 tins (1200g each, 144 Port.)
    • Spelt flakes, 4 tins (of 900g)
    • Croissant noodles, 4 tins (of 900g)
    • Wheat flour, 4 tins (1000g each)
    • Vegetable stock, 4 bags (260g each, 52 liters, for soup or for salt and seasoning)
    • Whole egg powder, 4 bags (200g each, equivalent to 60 eggs)
    • Brown sauce, vegan, 4 bags (150g each, makes 10 liters of sauce)


  • 8 x 500g NRG-5 bar emergency rations
  • 4 x 500g canned bread – wholemeal rye

Nutritional values


Milk, egg, gluten (wheat), soy (may contain traces of celery, mustard).

Minimum Shelf Life

SicherSatt tins 2030
NRG-5 bars 2040
Canned bread – wholemeal rye 2021/2022


The “Family Offer Plus” is delivered in four compact, storable and stackable cardboard boxes of 55x41x25cm each.