Waldläufer-Wissen 3 – in German

  • 124 Beschreibungen essbarer Wildpflanzen
  • 36 Beschreibungen abzuratender Pflanzen
  • 135 extragroße Farbfotografien
  • Extra-Teil: Besondere Wildnahrung
  • Wertvolle Inhaltsstoffe; Giftstoffe
  • Info Fuchsbandwurm; uvm.



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Description of Waldläufer-Wissen 3 – in German

Spine text:

The entire human diet is based on plants. Even our oldest ancestors constantly expanded the knowledge of the usability of wild plants and wild fruits. Let’s not let it die out!

– Which plants can I use?
– Which ones are better not to use?
– Are lichens, algae and mosses edible?
– What does tree resin / cambium taste like?

– Simple and structured!
– Easy to understand information!
– Exclusively large colour photographs!

Book information:

This book is the third title in the popular “Ranger Knowledge” series. It contains numerous descriptions of edible wild plants and wild fruits of European vegetation. The book is fully illustrated in colour and all photographs are extra large to make plant identification easier for the reader.

This plant book breaks new ground. While other titles were mainly designed to list as many different plants as possible that were used as food by people in the past, this book for the first time put special emphasis on usability. Some plants are considered edible, but are in fact almost inedible in taste. Others have ingredients that could be harmful to humans. Since in most cases too little is known about these substances even today, such plants have been excluded here. For the sake of completeness, however, these plants are listed in an extra topic area. In this way, anyone interested can look up why a plant in question should perhaps better not be consumed and make their own decision.

The section “Special Wild Foods” provides information on the usefulness of tree resins, lichens, grasses, cambium, marine algae, mosses and needle shoots. And a lot of other additional information rounds off this reference book.


Kai Sackmann

  • ISBN: 9783734797712
  • Number of pages: 236
  • Exclusively large colour photographs