Katadyn Drip Gravidyn


CHF 369,00

Description of Katadyn Drip Gravidyn

Drinking Water, but you have no electricity available and want to do without pumping completely? The Katadyn Drip offers the perfect solution. No moving parts. No effort. Just set it up and fill the tank. Gravity ensures that the water flows through the filter. The Drip is ideal for groups, base camps, huts, or campgrounds because it can filter larger quantities of water without hesitation – up to 4 liters/hour in a 10-liter container. The Drip Ceradyn is equipped with three silver-impregnated ceramic elements that filter out bacteria and protozoa. The Grip Gravidyn also uses activated carbon to improve the smell and taste and reduce chemicals.

Gravidyn-3er KAT_Logo_Authorized_Katadyn_4c
Measures (cm)45,00
Diameter (cm)25,00 ∅
Performance (L)4,00 L/h
Technologyceramic filter 0.2 micron, activated carbon
Weight (g)3.000,00

Katadyn Produkte AG, Pfäffikerstrasse 37, CH-8310 Kemptthal