Spark Arrestor for Loki


CHF 43,00

Description of Spark Arrestor for Loki

It crackles and crackles in the tent stove: sparks rise through the stove pipe. To fire the Petromax Loki safely and environmentally consciously, Petromax recommends the spark catcher. The cylindrical metal grid is placed on the stovepipe and rising sparks or glowing particles are extinguished before they cause damage to the tent or nature. The spark trap is especially worthwhile when burning resinous wood species, because then a particularly large number of glowing particles are produced.

Safety First

Since the spark catcher can also be fixed to the tent or the ground with ropes at the three eyelets, it sits firmly on the stovepipe even in strong winds. In addition, the spark arrestor can also be used as a closure or seal for one of the tent penetrations, should the versatile stove ever be dismantled.

Technical Data
  • W x H x D: 12x12x21cm
  • Weight: 350g

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