Artemisia Creme


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Description of Artemisia Creme

Artemisia cream with incense on aloe vera gel base

When is the Artemisia cream used?

The Artemisia Cream protects and cares for the skin. It supports skin irritations and problem skin such as acne. Warts can also be avoided thanks to its caring effect.

What is artemisia?

The artemisia plant (artemisia annua) is a mugwort. It is an annual plant that grows into a man-sized bush in summer and feels comfortable in our temperate climate. Only the tips of the leaves are used. It contains 245 proven secondary plant substances, including artemisin. A highly concentrated extract of these leaf tips with all active ingredients is used for the ointment.

How is artemisia cream produced?

We harvest the leaf plant Artemisia annua in Switzerland by hand. We make sure that only the tips of the leaves are harvested. By means of an extract, the valuable active ingredients are then dissolved and used for the cream.

What else is contained in the Artemisia cream?

To make the cream easy to apply, the artemisia extract is mixed with an aloe vera gel from the inner leaf (inner leaf gel, 99.9% pure). The Aloe Vera gel is quickly absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin and is free of aloin, which is found in the outer skin and is toxic. With a small addition of vitamin E, the aloe vera gel is preserved. Otherwise no additives are used for preservation. Neither parabens nor other chemical additives are included. The whole cultivation is organic and the cream is 100% natural. Finally, high-quality incense oil (Boswellia) is added to the cream. This gives the cream a pleasant taste and supports the regeneration of the skin.

Product Information About Artemisia Cream by Kingnature

One dispenser contains 30 ml Artemisia cream with the following ingredients: Aloe Vera Gel (barbadensis miller), Artemisia extract, incense. Available from stock in the practical Airless Pump (dispenser).

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