112 x Curd Soap of 100g


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Description of 112 x Curd Soap of 100g

  • Mild, inexpensive hand soap
  • Without addition of colorants and fragrances,without fillers, without complexing agents and optical brighteners
  • Long service life
  • Fragrance free and vegan

Special Product Features

Sonett Curd Soap is produced without fillers, colorants, fragrances, optical brighteners and above all without petrochemical complexing agents such as EDTA. It is well deposited before it is put on the market; this increases the service life. The slightly yellowish color of curd soap when stored for several years is a sign of the purely natural quality of this product and does not affect its quality and washing power in any way.


Pure vegetable, fragrance-free curd soap for mildly alkaline cleansing of hands, face and the whole body.
Even in cold and hard water the curd soap unfolds a high cleaning power. A quick softening, even if the soap lies once longer on wet ground, is prevented by the hardness of the soap.

  • Soap made from palm oil from controlled cultivation >30
  • Soap made of coconut oil from controlled cultivation 15-30
  • Glycerine from controlled cultivation <1%.
  • Table salt <1%.
  • Sodium thiosulfate <1


Sodium palmates, sodium cocoate, glycerin, sodium chlorides, sodium thiosulfates

Technical Data
  • pH value: (20 °C, 5 g / l H₂O) approx. 9-9.5
  • Soap is slightly alkaline in use.
  • If possible, store at between 10 and 25 °C.

Soap, as the only washing-active substance, loses its surface relaxing properties immediately after use, in the immediate reaction with the lime always present in the waste water, and thus becomes non-toxic for living organisms in the water (primary decomposition). The resulting lime soap is then completely decomposed by the microorganisms to 100% carbon dioxide and water (secondary decomposition).
According to OECD, soap is considered easily biodegradable.

Scope of Delivery

112 x 100g Sonett curd soap (4 boxes of 28 soaps)


Sonett GmbH, Mistelweg 1, 88693 Deggenhausen