Beef goulash with grandmother’s gravy


CHF 19,90

Description of Beef goulash with grandmother’s gravy

Gulasch is a ragout of Austrian origin that comes in many variations and has its origins in the Hungarian gulyás ‘shepherd’s meat’. Ragout, from French ragoûter ‘to tease the palate, is a family of dishes for braised cubed pieces of meat, poultry, game or even vegetables in a spicy, often creamy sauce. For ragout dishes, as with goulash, meat cuts with a higher proportion of connective and fatty tissue are used. When preparing a ragout, the meat cubes are browned first and then the onions are added. With goulash, by the way, the order is exactly reversed.

Our chef came up with a special recipe for this delicious beef goulash – but also went back to traditional goulash preparation. The result is a dish that is not available every day and is a treat for the palate.

The right beef for beef goulash
For the preparation of this beef stew, our home chef in Appenzell uses the best cuts of beef back. The beef from the back is similar in quality to that from the neck and throat. The ragout meat from there is ideally well-done and less fatty. The back meat consists of several layers of muscle on top of each other. It is important to let the beef stew in the pot for a long time so that it becomes an excellent tasting ragout.

On the origin of beef and “Wetter’s” animal ethics
The beef goulash is made from genuine Tyrolean beef from the area around Pettneu. Slaughtering takes place individually at the production site in Pettneu. The farmer is obliged to personally accompany his animal to the end, as this is familiar to the animal and does not cause it any stress.

Fully canned cooked & sterilised


Beef, water, wine, tomato extract, demi-glace, fried onions, sugar, spices, flavour enhancers (E621, E631), flavouring.



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