Fire Kettle Stainless Steel 1.5 L

The kettle and camping stove to go


CHF 109,00

Description of Fire Kettle Stainless Steel 1.5 L

What makes the Stainless-Steel Fire Kettle a stand-alone kettle and emergency stove:

• Water boils quickly thanks to the double wall and inside cavity
• Easy to fuel with small twigs and fir cones
• Ideal for carrying water due to additional screw-on lid
• Safe operation due to stable and tilt-proof stand and silicone handles for protection from heat
• Self-sufficient provision also suitable for heating food

The Petromax Stainless-Steel Fire Kettle provides a self-suffcient outdoor stove for your outdoor kitchen. Using small branches, twigs or fir cones you can fuel it in no time. The additional screw-on lid enables carrying water without leakage, while the Fire Bowl with feet always creates a solid stand for the Kettle. The Fire Bowl including the feet fits inside the base of the Fire Kettle for transport and storage. Silicone handles ease removing the Kettle from the heat source. With the sturdy Stainless-Steel Fire Kettle you can start off independently into adventures and are safe from having to carry gas cartridges or other fuel.

Using the Fire Kettle to boil water: Fuel is lit inside the Fire Bowl and the heat rises in the cavity of the Kettle. Due to the resulting chimney effect, the water inside the double-wall heats up and boils within just a few minutes. The steam whistle forcefully sounds as soon as the water has reached boiling point.

Using the Fire Kettle as a camping stove: Besides heating water, the Fire Kettle can also heat up your cookware. The Cooking Device provided fits into the top of the Kettle to create a platform for small pots and pans. Therefore, the heat that escapes from the top opening can be used to heat up small meals.

Technical details

Material: Stainless steel, silicone (food-safe)
Height of Fire Kettle: 31.9 cm
Height when set up: 46.1 cm
Bottom diameter: 16 cm
Weight: approx. 1.3 kg
Capacity: 1.5 litre

Scope of delivery

1x Petromax Fire Kettle stainless steel 1.5 L
1x Fire Bowl with removable feet
1x Cooking Device
1x Additional screw cap for water transport
1x User manual