Xbee, 473ml


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Description of Xbee, 473ml

Xbee, 473ml Bottle

The ideal packaging size for smaller consumption (trucks, buses, sport boats, fuel oil tanks, etc.) 473 ml Xbee is enough to treat 1’900 liters of fuel or heating oil. The bottle has a graduation as a dosage aid.

Note: For a more precise dosage for cars we recommend the 250 ml-dosing bottle.However, with some skill you can use the 473 ml bottle to refill the dosage bottle.


Paraffinize (“slag”) fuels during storage, become unusable over time and must be disposed of. Slag deposits also occur throughout the entire plant, which can lead to starting difficulties or even total failure, especially in emergency power generators.

Xbee was originally developed to improve the quality of fuels and heating oil. Xbee eliminates kerosene, condensation and fungi (“diesel fungi”). Therefore Xbee preserves the fuel for several years. And this with 26 different plant enzymes, without toxic chemicals.

In concrete terms: kerosenes, condensation water, polycyclic aromatics and microorganisms (diesel fungus!) are eliminated. Enzyme-treated fuel has at least the purity of the fresh distillate. And since the enzymes are active for years, the fuel remains clean for years.

473ml bottle is enough for 1’892 liters of fuel.


  • Conservation of the fuels
  • Avoidance of starting problems/failures
  • High quality additive
  • Thorough cleaning of the system
  • Better engine running, more power
  • Less consumption / less exhaust gases

Instructions for use Xbee


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