ABC – Protection Suit “Eurolite”


CHF 189,00

Description of ABC – Protection Suit “Eurolite”

The Eurolite NBC protection suit is used worldwide by armies, emergency response organizations and civil protection agencies.
It is made of special Rolamit® barrier film and protects against nuclear, bacterial and chemical threats.
The Eurolite is one of the highest quality lightweight protective suits on the market and to meet military requirements, the material must have a number of special features.

Especially important are tear and abrasion resistance as well as a small size and weight. The protective effect includes radionuclides, biological or chemical warfare agents (e.g. yperite), chemicals etc. The Eurolite suit consists of two parts: A jacket with welded hood and gloves and trousers with integrated overshoes. Thus a complete body protection is given up to the face area (breathing mask). The suit is available in one size (so you can wear warm clothes under it). The ABC-suit can be adjusted to the respective size by means of straps.

In order to reduce the packaging volume, the suits are delivered vacuum-packed.

Weight: approx. 500g
Color: olive-green
Size: One size

Data sheet Eurolite ABC protective suit

(excl. protective mask “SFERA”)


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