Dry Toilet TC-8


CHF 269,00

Description of Dry Toilet TC-8

Dry toilet TC-8:

Official model of the Federal Office for Civil Defence.
The BZS dry toilet system with approval no. BZS N 96-008 consists of a toilet and a faeces depot.
The basis of the system are stackable plastic buckets with well closing lids.
The toilet and the faeces depot are assembled from these elements.

No ChDry Toilet TC-8 chemicals are required for operation.

Scope of delivery (including bags for up to 8 persons):

  • 2 x Feces bucket with lid
  • 1 x Slip-on ring
  • 1 x Seat with cover
  • 1 x Insert
  • 6 x Bag set of 50 insert bags
  • 1 x Set of 25 insert bags