Self-Sufficiency Organic Seeds


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Description of Self-Sufficiency Organic Seeds

Complete package in organic quality with 22 organic seeds in anti-sprouting packs.

Unique complete package, carefully compiled by several experts, for the cultivation and production of 22 healthy and fresh vegetables in the garden. Selected robust varieties that are especially suitable for hobby gardeners (and those who want to become one) and produce good yields. The package is sufficient for the production of vegetables worth at least 1200 Euro and for Self-Sufficiency. Enclosed is a cultivation plan, which gives an overview of periods of sowing, planting and harvesting, a booklet with detailed variety descriptions, explanations and cultivation tips, a voucher for news/online support, 50 stick labels and a nice pricking-wood are included. The whole thing is stored in a high-quality wooden box, which can be used permanently as a seed and garden box. The seeds are thus protected from sun and moisture, the subdivisions prevent disorder and you lose track. In addition to its use as a high-quality gift, our package is also the ideal crisis prevention and for stocking up on freshly harvested food.

Organic products are controlled by DE-Öko-007.

Wooden box: 38x7x19cm (1.05kg)


Basil Aton eco, 3 g
Bush bean Speedy eco, 35 g
Dill Hera eco, 3g
Gherkin Diamant F1 eco, 12 grit
Endive Bubikopf 2/Perlita eco, 1.5 g
Pea Norli, 60 g
Lamb’s lettuce Vit eco, 10 g
Nasturtium eco, 2 g
Kohlrabi Azur-Star eco, 1 g
Coriander eco, 10 g
Cress Cresso eco, 15 g
Pumpkin Uchiki Kuri eco, 10 grain
Paprika Atris, F1, organic, 10 grain
Parsley Gigante d’Italia organic, 3 g
Radishes Raxe eco, 5 g
Salad rocket Eruca sativa organic, 2 g
Chives Polyvit eco, 3 g
pole bean Neckar queen, 50 g
Tomato Agro, F1 organic, 10 grain
Tomato Country Button, F1 eco, 10 grain
Zucchini Partenon, F1 eco, 10 grain
Onion Sturon eco, 3 g


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