Spirit Adapter with Accessories HK500

The adapter for operating the Petromax HK500 with spirit.


CHF 24,90

Description of Spirit Adapter with Accessories HK500

Thanks to this adaptor you can use methylated spirit with your Petromax HK500 and Petromax HK350. It is suitable for all lamps of the series HK350 and HK500 but also for the Anchor or Sea Anchor. With the adaptor, the fuel consumption increases so that a lamp with a full tank has a combustion time of only 4-6 hours. When using the adaptor, the lamp has to be pre-heated with methylated spirit.

Odourless and widely available
With an adaptor your lamp functions without odour nuisance or trace of soot. Methylated spirit is widely available and also cheaper than kerosene or paraffin oil. The lamp produces thanks to a special nozzle as much light as it would produce with kerosene. Besides, with the new nozzle the lamp functions with a pressure of less than 1 bar.

Technical data
Material: brass, polished