Toxaprevent Pure


CHF 38,70

Description of Toxaprevent Pure

Capsules with pure clinoptilolite MANC

What is contained in Toxaprevent?

Toxaprevent Pure from Froximun consists exclusively of pure clinoptilolite MANC (modified, activated natural clinoptilolite); this is a special volcanic clay. Toxaprevent Pure contains no other ingredients.

Small Intestine and Colon Sanitation

Toxaprevent Pure by Froximun is not absorbed by the body, but travels through the digestive tract, absorbing various toxins like a sponge, e.g. toxins, histamine as well as heavy metals (caesium, mercury etc.). Due to the osmotic gradient and the flow equilibrium typical for the body, the heavy metals are bound. This serves primarily to detoxify the body and to relieve the liver. Due to its natural composition, Toxaprevent Pure from Froximun is particularly well tolerated and helps to improve blood values. Toxaprevent is a medical device approved throughout Europe (Class IIa).

Froximun TOXAPREVENT PURE capsules have even greater binding power due to an improved activation process. Despite smaller capsules, it is more effective and also suitable for children.

Instruction Manual Toxaprevent


3 x daily 2 capsules approx. 1 hour before main meals with plenty of liquid. We generally recommend taking at least 1.5 liters of water or tea per day. This helps the excretion processes and keeps the metabolism on its feet during the cure.

Product Information About Toxaprevent Pure

One pack of Toxaprevent contains 180 capsules with 400 mg MANC each.

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