Blackout Vorsorge (Robert Jungnischke) – in German


CHF 19,90

Description of Blackout Vorsorge (Robert Jungnischke) – in German

The comprehensive and practical blackout book for crisis preparedness – how to safely survive a blackout and its consequences.
The author is one of Germany’s best-known and most renowned blackout experts.
The topic of “blackout” is more topical than ever and in his book, Mr Jungnischke reveals to readers all the necessary information and the basics to safely survive a blackout and its consequences.

About the book:

A life without electricity – this state is unimaginable for us nowadays. Light, telephone, internet, payment systems, etc. – by now there is a digital infrastructure on which our modern life is based upon. Without electricity, however, we would quickly find ourselves in a chaotic and hostile reality.

And the danger of a blackout has rarely been as high as it is now. The numbers are alarming and hardly any people in Germany are prepared for such an event and its serious consequences.

In this book, readers will learn how to get through the blackout:

Procuring food and items of daily use.
Hygiene and more without running water
Food preparation without electricity
Self-defence in an emergency
How to keep your flat or house warm
And much more
Number of pages: 174 pages
ISBN Paperback: 978-3-96967-310-2