Full Face Mask SFERA (Class 3)


CHF 219,00

Description of Full Face Mask SFERA (Class 3)

The SFERA full-face mask consists of an elastic mask body made of high-quality material,
skin-compatible silicone and a patented, fogging, mirror- and distortion-free and
Scratch-resistant PC window with very large field of view.

The SFERA Full Face Mask/Gas Mask is also approved for firefighters.

Data sheet protective mask SFERA

Product information
  • Mask body made of high-quality EPDM
  • Patented, anti-fog, mirror, distortion and scratch-resistant PC lens with very large field of view
  • With round thread connection DIN EN 148-1
  • Built-in speaking diaphragm
  • The excellent voice transmission allows the use of megaphones, telephones and radios
  • Universal size allows a tight and pressure-free fit regardless of face shape
  • 1 large exhalation valve with exhalation valve prechamber ensures low exhalation resistance and prevents harmful media from penetrating into the mask
  • Inner mask is equipped with 2 control valves, they reduce dead space and prevent fogging of the window through uniform window ventilation
  • Material: EPDM (ethylene propylene diene blend)
    Inspection Glass: Polycarbonate
    Speaking membrane: yes

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