Disposable Emergency Ventilation Aid PRIMUS

CHF 3.25


  • DIN 13154
  • For breathing as a first aid measure for lay helpers
  • Creates a barrier that avoids direct contact
  • Consists of a filtering hydrophobic part and a transparent, age- and temperature-resistant film with fixing tabs
  • Low respiratory resistance

At present, it seems that a stage has been reached in respiratory donation as a first-aid measure by lay helpers in which the provision of assistance can no longer be taken for granted due to fear of infectious diseases. This fear can lead to the fact that in an emergency life-saving measures are omitted. The disposable emergency ventilation device PRIMUS can significantly lower this inhibition threshold.
The purpose of PRIMUS is to create a barrier that avoids direct contact with the airways (mouth-to-mouth and/or mouth-to-nose) and thus lowers the inhibition threshold for emergency ventilation.
The PRIMUS consists of a filtering, hydrophobic part and a transparent, age- and temperature-resistant carrier material. Both are firmly bonded together. The filtering part covers the patient’s mouth and/or nose, the carrier material covers the rest of the patient’s face to prevent contamination. It can be easily attached to the patient’s ears and easily detached to prevent slippage during resuscitation.
The layman’s aid breathes through the filtering part of the PRIMUS directly into the patient’s mouth or nose. The ventilation resistance is very low (about 199 Pascal at a respiratory minute volume of 20 l/min).
The function of the PRIMUS is independent of the sides, but the sides are distinguishable by color coding of the filter material (white/red). This prevents confusion of the contact sides in extreme situations when ventilation is interrupted. Always use the same color side with which the respiratory donation was started.
The materials used are skin-friendly and therefore have no negative effects on health.
It is packed in such a way that it is protected against mechanical damage and contamination before use when stored as intended. The packaging is easy to open. The EKASTU disposable emergency ventilation device PRIMUS complies with DIN 13154

Technical data sheet

Quick guide to Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation using the PRIMUS disposable emergency ventilation device

Einmal-Notbeatmungshilfe PRIMUS - Kurzanleitung


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