Hart Meatloaf in Tin, 180g

Not only excellent in the classic roll. Also recommended in the kitchen and cold as an accompaniment.


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Description of Hart Meatloaf in Tin, 180g

Fleischkäse or Leberkäse (Meatloaf in Tin) is a common boiled sausage speciality in German, Austrian and Swiss cuisine – you can call this product that if the quality is right. Its characteristic feature is actually its square box shape. Making the product with venison from local hart is an exciting approach by Metzgerei Wetter and tastes excellent.

We fill the high-quality Hart Meatloaf into a tin and it is therefore still very durable (a tasty emergency supply e.g. for hiking or for alpine huts etc.). The Meatloaf in Tin is made from high-quality hart meat (from domestic game living freely from 1000 m above sea level) and pork.

Instead of water, we use Appenzell milk. Fresh ingredients such as onions and garlic are also added. The use of high-quality pure spices instead of ready-made spice mixtures is another important production feature in the Wetter family. This means that no ready-made spice mixtures are used, but the individual spices are used according to type or mixed in the house. The salt content of the wild Hart Meatloaf is kept low. Only iodine-free, coarse-grained sea salt is used.


Hart meat AT (42%), pork CH (18%), bacon, nitrite curing salt (table salt, preservative E250), antioxidants (E300,E301), dextrose, celery, preservative (E621), garlic.


Celery, Milk

Minimum Shelf Life