Premium Package 3


CHF 319,00

Description of Premium Package 3

Package contents:
Canned Tortellini in ham cream sauce, 400g
Canned beef roulade with potatoes, 400g
Canned curry meatballs in spicy sauce, 400g
Canned Hungarian Goulash Soup Pot, 400g
Canned Baked Beans – beans with sausages, 400g
Canned Pancakes – pancakes with nut nougat cream, 280g
Canned Pasta in Bolognese Sauce, 400g
Canned Kaiserschmarrn with apple sauce, 400g
Canned potato salad with mayonnaise, 400g
Canned Rice Pudding, 400g
Canned fried potatoes with bacon, 300g
Canned Homemade Saumagen – Old Chancellor’s Feast, 400g
Canned Cream of Cauliflower Soup, 385ml/400g
Canned Red Wine Cake, 370g
2 x Canned Gouda Cheese, 250g
Canned Juicy Pork Goulash, 400g
Canned Homemade Hunting Sausage, 400g
Canned pork schnitzel in mushroom cream sauce with noodles, 400g
2 x Canned Schüttel -Bread, 100g
Canned Minestrone, 385ml / 400g
Canned Pichelsteiner, 400g
EF Soy Bratling, 290g
EF Vegetable broth, 510g
EF Organic milk (skimmed milk), 350g
EF clarified butter, 300g
EF Strawberry jam, 400g
EF Instant Coffee, 175g


Gluten, Milk, Egg, Nuts, Celery, Soya