Emergency Rations

CHF 39.00


Test our three different emergency rations at a trial price.

Scope of delivery:

The nutritional value declarations of the respective products are linked.

NRG-5 Bars, NRG-5 ZERO and BP-WR have been specially developed as “Emergency Food” and have been used successfully for years in food shortages and disasters around the world.

  • Unbeatable calorie density with very long shelf life
  • A lot of nutrients and minerals in a small space
  • Also ideal as expedition food
  • Due to their high value density and long durability, NRG-5 bars and BP-WR are also ideally suited as real value storage and as diversification of your tangible assets.

NRG-5 Bars, NRG-5 ZERO and BP-WR contain no animal ingredients and are free of genetically modified ingredients.