Hobo Stove + Cooking Set BaseCamp


CHF 63,90

Description of Hobo Stove + Cooking Set BaseCamp

Wake the Bear – Hobo Stove Complete Set

Complete set, consisting of our hobo stove, transport bag and the stainless steel cooking set at a special price.

The cooking set can be used as a pot with lid, also the lid serves as a pan. The corresponding grid can be used as a shelf or as a grill.

The pot takes the complete stove after cooking and can be closed loosely by the corresponding lid. Even the removable handle finds its place in the compact set. The closed set can be stored comfortably in the supplied and robust bag. If the hobo stove is operated with an alcohol burner, it can remain in the stove for transport. The fixed transport bag is cut large enough to hold the removable handle and the grate next to the cooking set.


Highest stability at low material costs →niedriges Weight (300g incl. packing bag

  • Optimal use of the combustion chamber
  • Best possible heat radiation
  • Holes on the upper edge to reduce smoke development
  • Intermediate shelf can be removed for cleaning if desired
  • Operation with wood or spirit stove/fuel tablets
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Weight incl. packing bag: 300g
  • Dimensions: height 16.5cm / Ø 12.2cm

Stainless Steel Cooking Set:

  • 1 Pot (0.85 lt)
  • 1 Frying pan / lid
  • 1 GridHobo Stove + Cooking Set BaseCamp
  • 1 Handle, removable
  • Total weight: 0.32 kg
  • Diameter: 13.3cm

*the metal, the stove gets very hot during operation, touch the stove only after it has cooled down sufficiently. Decoration articles and spirit burner are not included in the scope of delivery!

Intermediate bottom can be removed for cleaning if desired


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