Salvestrol 2000

CHF 119.00


Capsules with 2000 salvestrol points each

What is Salvestrol 2000?

Phytoalexins are substances that plants produce for their own protection against bacteria, viruses, fungi and insects. The plant only produces them in larger quantities when necessary. Since conventionally grown vegetables and fruit are sprayed with fungicides and other pesticides, their phytoalexin content is usually low.

So far there is no evidence that these substances, which plants produce for their own protection, have any effect on humans to maintain their health.

Salvestrol 2000 contains phytoalexins from bitter oranges, grapes, blueberries and blackberries.

Product Information About Salvestrol Capsules From Kingnature

One Tin of Salvestrol 2000 contains 60 fruit complex capsules with a fruit and berry powder mixture (36%). Net content: 34g.
Ingredients: rice flour, capsule shell, bitter orange fruit extract, grape powder, blueberry powder, blackberry powder.
We only use vegetarian capsule shells, made from vegetable material (HPMC) without gelling agent.
Free of gluten, lactose, soy, preservatives, synthetic colorants, odorants and flavors.
Store in a dry, well-sealed container at room temperature.

Please also note the weaker dosed Salvestrol Vida 350.


Beware of fake salvestrols!

Counterfeit Salvestrol products appear regularly and are difficult to identify as such. Leave it alone! kingnature distributes the original product directly from the discoverer and manufacturer. Salvestrol is a protected name.


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